Most of my scholarly publications are in disability studies, discourse analysis, the sociology of health and illness, rhetoric, and qualitative methodology. Google Scholar has an updated bibliography. 


Monograph: Disability and Discourse Analysis


Published by Routledge. From the catalogue:

“Disability studies has engaged with discourse analysis in key works both from the UK and the USA. While the perspectives and analyses of discourse analysis have proved well suited for exploring disability, however, its methods have not been sufficiently developed in a disability studies context. 

Conversely, discourse analysts have traditionally been concerned with social issues and fields in which asymmetric power relations, marginalization, and discrimination play a central role, e.g. gender, race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation, all of which share many analytical features with disability. But although efforts have been made to integrate disability into the discourse analysis and conversation analysis canon, the link between the two fields needs to be strengthened.”

Also, some reviews:

‘Grue is a rising international star in critical studies of disability and discourse; as evidenced by this scholarly, engaging and politicised text. This book will be essential reading across both fields.’ 
Dan Goodley, University of Sheffield, UK

‘Jan Grue’s book is one of the best examples of the latest wave of disability studies focused on the microtechniques of linguistic power in relation to disability. By applying discourse analysis on the social, cultural, and political, Grue succeeds in shedding new light on discrimination and stereotypes. Clearly a must read.’
Lennard J. Davis, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA

‘Jan Grue is a highly original and distinctive voice from the next generation of disability researchers. This book is a very welcome addition to the field of disability studies. It is clear, sensible, and above all, useful.’
Tom Shakespeare, University of East Anglia, UK

‘This engaged and expansive look at how disability makes meaning in the world will change the way we think about discourse and how we analyze it. In Disability and Discourse Analysis, Jan Grue gives us an accessible and elegant approach to better understanding how the human variations we think of as “disability” shape ourselves and our world.’
Rosemarie Garland-Thomson, Emory University, USA